Inner Dimensional
Sound Chamber

The Inner Dimensional Sound Chamber is a blend of science and metaphysics in vibrational technology. It honors the body's natural geometric ability to heal itself at the cellular level. The Chamber provides a living field of energy, to assist to bring forth a person's truth of awareness by creating harmonic resonance that helps the cells to retain their memory to remember their purpose and how to function.

This process occurs at the subatomic level in each organ, muscle, bone and cell. The Chamber acts like a "road map" - a way of remembering a person's body on all levels - so that the natural wisdom of the body to heal itself is allowed to come forth. The Chamber's design is made up of the atomic structure of the universe.

The Chamber utilizes music through speakers built into a network of tubular steel. The speakers are both under and around the table. The vibrations of the music literally move through each cell of a person's body.