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Sound Chamber Sessions:

Sessions are available by appointment.
Evening and weekend appointments welcome.
We are located Lake Elsinore, California.

$150.00 for a two hour session
Sessions include 1 hour in the sound chamber
Plus 1 hour therapy (CranioSacral/Reiki)

Limited Time Special Pricing - Pre-Summer Special
Sound Chamber Session Only (1hr) - $40.00
Craniosacral Therapy/Reiki Only (1Hr) - $40.00
Sound Chamber + Personalized Craniosacral Therapy/Reiki - $80.00

The bodywork sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed and do not include massage therapy. Sessions are personalized to your needs.

For those who are claustrophobic, know that you will not be locked in. The front of the chamber is hinged and opens like a door, and can be left open if that makes you more comfortable.

Contact us by phone: 951-296-8969

Or email:

(Sound Chamber with door open)

(Sound Chamber with door closed)


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