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About MMS
The Master Mineral Solution
(Formally Miracle Mineral Solution)

Miracle Mineral Solution is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water. Miracle Mineral Solution is a water purification product. It is NOT a mineral supplement nor is it sold as a mineral supplement of any kind.  Though often referred to in acronym (i.e. "MMS"), an important distinction must be made between Miracle Mineral Solution and the "MMS Protocol" established elsewhere and detailed exhaustively by third party sources.

While it is true thatwhen Miracle Mineral Solution is activated, the chemical compound chlorine dioxide is produced, MMS is NOT chlorine dioxide. If your privately intended use for Miracle Mineral Solution is to activate it (i.e. convert it to chlorine dioxide) it is advised you thoroughly read all related material, consult a healthcare professional and study various third party resources, some of which, are made available here for your safety and convenience.

Warning: Certain statements expressed within this site may not have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Any and all information and/or statements found within this site are for educational purposes only and are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease or replace the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

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