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This technique was created by Joseph Tajalle.
His website is:
Please visit his site for more information on Joseph.

Karmic Emotional Release Technique

1) Feel the feelings or emotions that you would like to release from your consciousness

2) Do not name the feelings, just continue to feel them.

3) Rub your third eye area (between your eyebrows on your forehead) counterclockwise to yourself, while you repeat the following phrases:

4) Acknowledge the feelings (but still do not name the feelings),  and then say out loud or to yourself: “Hello Feelings”

5) Then say: “It’s good for me to let you go

6) “It’s good for others that I let you go

7) “It’s safe for me to let you go

8) Then repeat the word, “Release”, over and over again while rubbing your third eye area until you feel like you are finished.

9) Give one last and enthusiastic “RELEASE!”

Use this release technique as often as you wish, but I highly recommend that you don’t do it while driving. Our emotions can sometimes be deeply rooted and this technique tends to dive deep until it finds it. Behind a wheel isn’t the place to go mind-traveling.

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