Sound Coherence, Gently Make Changes in Your Life Through Sound and Sacred Geometry
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About the Inventor:

Tom Hunt, Reiki Master Teacher, accupressurist, massage therapist, and master geo-mathematician, invented the Inner-Dimensional Sound Chamber to help humanity recreate the balance, peace and love in their lives. Tom has been interviewed by radio, network television and public television to discuss the Inner-Dimensional Sound Chamber.

Tom is located in Camp Verde, Arizona. You can contact him through his website at:

The Inner-Dimensional Sound Chamber is a blend of science and metaphysics in vibrational technology. It honors the body’s natural geometric ability to heal itself at the cellular level. The Chamber provides a living field of energy, to assist to bring forth a person’s truth of awareness by creating harmonic resonance that helps the cells to retain their memory to remember their purpose and how to function. This process occurs at the subatomic level in each organ, muscle, bone and cell. The Chamber acts like a “road map” - a way of remembering a person’s body on all levels - so that the natural wisdom of the body to heal itself is allowed to come forth. The Chamber’s design is made up of the atomic structure of the universe. The Chamber utilizes music through speakers built into a network of tubular steel. The spears are both under and around the table. Regular CD’s are used that can be played multiple ways, the vibrations of the music literally move through each cell of a person’s body,

Sound Creates Form.
When music or specialized sound in the form of brain wave patterns are played through the hollow structure, there is an additional benefit based on vibrational technology. Sound through interference patterns can cancel or enhance vibrational patterns naturally occurring in the body. Octaves of musical notes may be seen as similar to octaves of electromagnetic energy: our personal energetic musical scales (our physical spectrum of frequencies) are transmitters and receivers involved with personal emotion. When octaves of electromagnetic properties in a state are attached to corresponding points, there is an extreme activation of tissue regeneration in that associated point - such as an organ. The capacity for tissue regeneration extends not only to healing organs, muscles, and bones, but also to the level of the central nervous system, including the brain. Thought forms broadcasting electromagnetic energy along the pathway of the of the nervous system can be greatly amplified and tapped for regeneration of self-healing on a practical level. The Sound Chamber experience is a natural means by which human being may release the stresses that have been stored within the physical and subtle (emotional, intellectual, spiritual) bodies over a lifetime(s). Used as a tool to assist in the evolution of each individual, it opens channels to creative expression and attunement with higher levels of subtle vibrational input, hence empowering a person by raising his/her vibration.

The geometric structure of the Sound Chamber is called Tritetragonometronics. It is said to have the shape of a light grid that surrounds our cosmos. Hence, a person being in the Chamber becomes the micro-cosmos of the macro-cosmos. The structure itself represents the 132 paths of the true of light verses the 12 paths of the Merkaba. The shape of light is the history of geometry. The energy is created by the geometric structure itself. When interlocked in a dodecahedron form, it produces stars, triangles, and pentagon building blocks for other dimensional forms. These electomagnetic fields are combined in a counter-rotational movement where one field is magnetic and the other is electric. As the fields rotate, they oscillate. This process effect the spin rations at the subatomic level and a double helix DNA blueprint formation is set. The Sound Chamber integrates all the Platonic Solid shapes: cube tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron (composed of pentagons) that are inscribed within the sphere providing holographic forms to stimulate each cell and atom at the cellular level.

“When we take the number sequence and place the Sound Chamber design in the universe, and couple it with Astrology, the drawing gives us what I call “the birth of man”. So the design of the Chamber fits with Astrology. Just as Astrology can be laid out in 3, 6, 9 patterns as well. The Chamber is composed of 96 tetrahedrons, 8 four sided pyramids and other geometric forms such as pentagons, cubes, etc. Many Mandalas can fit in the chamber structure. There are 12 connecting points in the center of the Chamber, so every center of that cube has 12 other connecting points that add up to a total of 144. Every spiritual number that we know of is in there: 22, 33, 66, and 144.”

Tom says this about the chamber, “Think of love, and what a blessing this invention is, as I try to express this in the branch of mathematics concerned with sides and angles and triangles, their measurement and the relations between then. The Sound Chamber is a geometrical design called Tritetragonometatronics, or the Tree of Light. Although I found the Tree of Life/Tree of Knowledge described in my studies of religions, the divine goal of the entire evolutional process is difficult to grasp. To me, numbers, angles and mathematics - i.e. “Sacred Geometry” - are universal knowledge of the highest expression.”

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