Sound Coherence, Gently Make Changes in Your Life Through Sound and Sacred Geometry
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Sound  Coherence with
the Inner-Dimensional
Sound Chamber

Sound can soothe us with a lullaby, and sound can raise our energy levels with a pounding beat of a drum. Everything is sound and and everything vibrates even though we cannot always hear it or feel it. Sound healing has been used since the beginning of time, and now it's time for us to remember how powerful sound therapy can be.

Sound Coherence =
Sound Therapy = Sound Healing = Sound Meditation
Which = A Wonderful State of Relaxation

We all struggle from time to time to find that place of complete health, of security and inner peace. Our minds have forgotten how to truly relax and so have our bodies, and for this I think we pay the price. Through sound therapy, we can find sound coherence (being one with sound). We can let sound and vibrations and music take over. We can let it run through our bodies and minds, and shake out the disturbances in our beings that keep us always alert. The disturbances that always keep us in the 'on' position. The sound chamber can be instrumental in turning that 'always on' position to an 'on hold' position, which gives our bodies and minds a chance to rest, to catch up, and to set ourselves in a position of balance so that we may begin to heal.

The sound chamber is unique with only a few of them in operation around the country. When you lay in the chamber and the music starts, you feel your body begin to immediately relax. Your mind shortly follows. Tom Hunt, the inventor and builder of the inner-dimensional sound chamber explains it by saying, “An hour in the sound chamber is equivalent to a year's worth of deep mediation.” A sound mediation is a beautiful way to phrase it.

A craniosacral and energy healing session after a sound therapy session is a very powerful combination. After the sound healing session, your body is relaxed ready to let go of pain and stress. So much can be accomplished in one session when the body is ready to change.

It's important to set an intention before beginning your session. So many things change when we first set the intention to allow them to do so, and the sound chamber is no different.

Healing therapy sessions after your sound therapy session in the sound chamber are conducted fully clothed and are customized to your specific needs. If pain relief is your primary concern, then that is my primary concern as well.

Experience what sound therapy combined with craniosacral and energy healing can do for you.

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